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Best ideas for celebrating New Year's Eve at home with the kids

New Year's Eve is a time for family, reflection, and fun! If you're looking for ways to create special memories with your kids at home this year, here are some ideas to make the last day of the year extra special:

Pop a balloon every hour
Start the countdown early by popping a balloon every hour until midnight. Get the kids to help number the balloons, and add confetti for an extra festive touch.

Surprises in bags
Fill paper bags with surprises for the kids to open every hour. Let them decorate the bags themselves and keep the contents a mystery! The surprises can be anything from games to play, books, or even treats.

Escape room challenge
Set up an Escape Room game at home to keep the kids entertained for hours. You can download kits online or create your own puzzles and challenges.

Photo booth fun
Make your own photo booth with fun props like oversized glasses, feather hats, and moustaches. Capture silly memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

Games galore
Play New Year's Eve-themed Bingo, classic games like Snakes and Ladders or Jenga, or try the Two Resolutions and a Lie game. Take turns sharing two true resolutions and one false one. The rest of the family has to guess which one is the lie!

Memory lane slideshow
Create a slideshow of your favourite family memories from the past year and cast it on the TV. Reminisce about all the good times you've shared together.

Hot cocoa and stargazing
Warm up with a cozy cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows and head outside to stargaze if the sky is clear. Dress warmly and enjoy the beauty of the night sky.

Dance party fun
Let loose and have a fun-filled dance party with your family. Create a playlist of everyone's favourite songs and dance until the clock strikes midnight.

Create your own shakers
Make your own paper plate shakers for an extra festive touch at midnight. Simply glue two plates together around the edges, put rice in one plate, and add a wooden stick for a handle. Let the kids decorate the plates however they wish.

We hope these ideas help you create a magical New Year's Eve at home with your family!

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